WORLD PREMIER: Les Sorciers Perdus & The Phantom Carriage



Les Sorciers Perdus perform Mark’s new score for Victor Sjöström’s 1921 silent masterpiece, “The Phantom Carriage” at The Grand in Ellsworth.  One screening only, so reserve your tickets early!  Dark and moody, this film is based on Körkarlen, a novel by Nobel laureate Selma Lagerlöf, and develops a theme found in a Swedish folk legend.  The legend states that the last person to die before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve is cursed to drive Death’s chariot throughout the new year collecting the souls of the departed.  A major influence on Ingmar Bergman, this groundbreaking silent horror/drama film features director Victor Sjöström as the ne’re-do-well David Holm, Hilda Borgström as Anna Holm – his wife, and Astrid Holm as Sister Edit.

Mark’s new score blends contemporary jazz with soundscape and modern classical techniques, spinning a hypnotic web of sound that connects seamlessly with the film. Featuring Mark Tipton on Trumpet & Keyboard, Ryan Blotnick on Guitar, Tyler Heydolph on Bass, and Beau Lisy on Drums & Percussion.